Friday, October 31, 2008

Favorite Zombie Movies (Holloween Edition)

Night of the Living Dead(1968) is THE classic zombie film. It's old, gory, and actually creepy...a quality almost every modern horror film lacks. It was directed and produced by George Romero on only a $114,000 budget.

Directed by Bob Clark who brought us Porky's, Children Shouldn't Play With Dead Things(1972) is even more irreverent and low-budget than The Night of the Living Dead. A bunch of theater students spend the night near an island graveyard and exhume a dead body for kicks. The fun really starts when they decide to tinker around with some satanic rituals and their dead playmate comes back to life. Includes lots of bell bottoms.

Zombie(1980)... Sharks+Zombies=Two Thumbs Up.

Dawn of the Dead(1978)... Romero's sequel to The Night of the Living Dead, takes place in a zombie infested shopping mall.
It's consumerism at its scariest.

Day of the Dead(1985) takes Romero's zombie flicks to an even gorier and eerier level. Armed to the teeth survivors are trapped in a nuke bunker giving that additional cold war freakiness. The survivors are getting a case of cabin fever and by the end it's hard to tell who is scarier, the living impaired or the couped up crazies trying to stay alive.

A modern look at the Zombie genre. Not too much new here. Dennis Hopper adds a lot to the movie. It's cool because it takes place in Pittsburgh. Oh Yeah... Zombies can swim.

Fido is one of my all time favorites... seriously funny. It's a retro zombie love story. Leave it to Beaver meets 28 Days Later. Billy Connolly is absolutely brilliant. Even if you are not a zombie movie fan, this movie is a must see.

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