Thursday, October 30, 2008

Virginia Kendall

One of the things I did as a bored high school kid was hike around some of North east Ohio's beautiful parklands. Sometimes with friends but often by myself... Always toting one of those archaic Walkman or Discman CD players and several CDs or tapes in my bulging coat pockets.

It was on these hikes that I was able to really get into whatever music I happened to be listening to. I would listen carefully to each nuance and rewind over and over to examine the individual notes. Music added a depth to the hiking experience, burning the sights and smells of the forest along with the sounds of music into my mind. When I hear those songs now I am, for a moment, brought back to those times in the woods.

It's been over ten years since I've been back to my old stomping grounds. I miss it. When I do make my way back to N.E. Ohio, Virginia Kendall will no doubt be one of my first destinations.

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