Saturday, November 22, 2008

Peter Gabriel and Wall-E

I usually don't really like kid's movies. I started getting into classics like The Aristocats because my son Gibson loves them. After seeing Cars, he couldn't get enough. Pretty soon I realized that I actually was enjoying some of these movies, especially the newer Pixar movies. I actually like Ratatouille more than little Gibson. And when I saw Wall-E I was in love.

This is a beautiful movie. The animation is so cool you forget you are watching animation at all. The story is touching and illustrates a frightening possible future for humankind and the Earth. So before I say "feelgood movie of the year", I should mention the other reason I think this movie is so cool. Peter Gabriel.

Peter Gabriel does a track which is used in the credits. It's sweet.

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renee said...

Great Blog, Mitch. Now I have to go out an watch *Wall-e*. --Renee