Wednesday, April 29, 2009

By The Way...

I know it's been a bit of a blog blackout for the last few months, but I will be finally graduating soon and I will be looking for new ways to waste time... so there'll be plenty of posting soon enough.

I have spent about half of the last 48 hours at Wise library and still about a week to go.

Wise Library

It feels strange to be getting my degree after fifteen years of floundering from school to job and back... countless times it seems like. It's kind of sad actually, I've finally got the hang of it and it's time to graduate. Oh well, there are always more degrees out there for the earning.

The English department at WVU offers a MA in Professional Writing and Editing, which I am interested in.

Colson Hall is home to the PWE program at WVU

Another interesting program is the Integrated Marketing Communication Degree. It's an online degree, which could be a little strange for me but it could be nice.

Why am I blogging about this right now when I should be toiling with papers, portfolios, and html files? I'm not sure. I'll see you in a week or so... I will have wrapped up the 15 year plan by then.


Well, it looks like Immem has disabled the embedding of full length songs. So all the awesome mixes I posted are useless now. Bummer. So until I find another way to post audio I'll have to rely on Youtube.

This really sucks because the people at youtube are a bunch of intellectual property wimps. If there's any chance of copyright infringement or if your 12 year old cousin Suzy asks them to, they'll pull a video.

If anyone has ideas on how to post audio, please let me know at until then youtube here we come...

UPDATE! -only some songs and artists have disabled full length tracks. Full length versions of all my playlists are at

Here's a new video from Andy Milonakis about Twitter.

Update 2: Divshare seems to be the best option for posting media, so I will be using Divshare in future posts.