Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Well, it looks like Immem has disabled the embedding of full length songs. So all the awesome mixes I posted are useless now. Bummer. So until I find another way to post audio I'll have to rely on Youtube.

This really sucks because the people at youtube are a bunch of intellectual property wimps. If there's any chance of copyright infringement or if your 12 year old cousin Suzy asks them to, they'll pull a video.

If anyone has ideas on how to post audio, please let me know at until then youtube here we come...

UPDATE! -only some songs and artists have disabled full length tracks. Full length versions of all my playlists are at

Here's a new video from Andy Milonakis about Twitter.

Update 2: Divshare seems to be the best option for posting media, so I will be using Divshare in future posts.

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